Sydney dates:
14 & 16 May at Giant Dwarf - 199 Cleveland St, Redfern 2016
Tickets, details and more information at Giant Dwarf

UK dates:
21 May at Colchester Arts Centre. Tickets, details and more information at Colchester Arts Centre
28 May at The Junction, Cambridge. Tickets, details and more information at The Junction

Someone asked us to do a show about the world's financial meltdown. We decided to explain to the audience everything we know about the Global Financial Crisis. In One Hour. This becomes slightly complicated when you consider that:
a) We are not experts on this subject, and
b) We decided not to do any research.

Also, GFC does sound a lot like KFC.

Since its premiere at Belvoir in 2010, post have added to their economic minefield and are taking it to the UK.

"Everything I Know... was durational in every sense, for the courageous performers, sometimes perilously over-taxed, and for an audience riding the wild waves of free association, coursing the looping illogic and withstanding the recurrent, battering dance passages and the final champagne spray. With wicked ease, but little to celebrate as bankers and brokers clawed back their bonuses, post left us nonetheless wiser about the way the human brain miscalculates and rationalises its way into disasters of the order of the GFC.

The sheer, manic drive of the performance, its bracing informality, the self-belief, its mad poetry and smatterings of GFC-reality sucked an initially wary audience into a vortex of nigh impossibly suspended disbelief."

— Keith Gallasch, REALTIME


Post will be artists in residence at The Junction, Cambridge and In Between Time, Bristol.
May - June 2014.

DUCKIE Nightclub performance

Date: Saturday 24 May, 9pm - 2am, £6 Entry
The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, 372 Kennington Lane, London SE11
More information at Duckie

TEDX Sydney

"Know more about theatre, you uncultured oafs"
Date: Saturday 26 April
Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.
Details and more information at TEDx Sydney
Youtube video will be up soon.


A co-production with Belvoir Theatre, presented in association with Sydney Festival 2014.
Dates: 9 January - 2 February at Belvoir, Upstairs Theatre.
Details, tickets and more information at Belvoir & Sydney Festival.

By post after Aeschylus, Anon, Artaud, Behn, Brecht, Büchner, Chekhov, Coward, Fo, Genet, Havel, Ibsen, Marlowe, Molière, O'Neill, Plautus, Racine, Seneca, Shakespeare, Shaw, Sophocles, Strindberg, Wedekind, Wilde et al
A co-production between post and Belvoir presented in association with Sydney Festival

A democratic theatrical extravaganza! This show is about death: real death, fake death, and the Western theatrical Canon.

Oedipus Schmoedipus is an intentionally impossible task, an ambitious epic complied of all the death scenes ever written. These death scenes will be dismembered, catalogued in a computer database and reordered to establish new narratives, and a new theatre show: a collective manifesto on death.

We see Death and 'The Canon' as inextricably intertwined; 'live' performance, a 'dead' language, an actor's 'presence', or an author's legacy. In Oedipus Schmoedipus, the words, scenes and images of death are willfully destructed and cut into sentences and key phrases. Then these texts of the great 'immortals' are pieced back together along new lines of connection. Like fastidious decoupage artists or clever scrap-bookers, we recompile these existing words to form something new; a contemporary response to the greatest of mysteries: the afterlife.


A collaboration with the people of Bidwill, Mt Druitt
Dates: 18 - 19 January 2014, 6pm - 10pm. Carlisle Ave, Bidwill (opp Lindley Square)
Details and more information at Sydney Festival.

What brings communities together? Is it the people? The pub? The sound of news helicopters circling above?

There are always at least two sides to every story. In this story, there are at least 100. Girls Light Up tells Bidwill's version of the infamous 1981 Bidwill Riot, which started when two girls met on the oval after school to fight over a boy. As for what happened next...

Over the past 7 months community members have worked with post to create an arena spectacular in the Bidwill Hotel. Wild sounds, drumming, dancing, guitars, and - if you're lucky - a choir will show how one overly documented moment doesn't define a community.

You can't believe the hype!